About Me

Based in the Financial District of Manhattan; Specializing in Digital & Film Medium Format. I offer the highest quality images to my clients and support the artistry of Dancers and Creatives.

I also produce Fine Art Imagery using Large Format and Medium Format Film Photography.

Making a photograph is an active effort, far from being a button mashing exercise. Artful photography requires imagination, the ability to understand light, and the ability to give direction, especially to dancers to get the very best out.  Lastly this should be an engaging and enjoyable experience and allow the sense of play and inspiration to be welcome during the journey.



Sasha Rydlizky

"Phil is great to work with- he creates a comfortable, respectful, and creative atmosphere. The process was great fun, and the product was amazing!"

Josh Eguia

"Really enjoyed working with Phil! His photos are great, and he is really understanding of the process of working with dancers. I especially recommend his outdoor photography, he has a special eye for detail and took some of my favorite dance portraits I’ve ever taken."

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